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Princess GieGie lives in a small village in Burkina Faso, Africa. Every morning, she has to walk for miles to fetch water for her family. Determined to find a better way, she devises a plan to change her community for the better. The book takes readers on an inspiring journey as this kind-hearted princess works to make her dreams a reality.

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Georgie Badiel-Liberty

The Author

Georgie Badiel-Liberty


Georgie Badiel Liberty is a high-fashion model, activist, author and award-winner. Her dream is to bring clean drinking water to her home country, Burkina Faso, and the rest of Africa. She is the founder of the Georgie Badiel Foundation, which has provided clean water to over 270,000 people in the last three years. After the success of Georgie’s first book, she is inspired to share more stories and bring her African heritage to life. 


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We’re committed to bringing our readers passionate, heartwarming, and inspiring stories from Africa. Through these extraordinary narratives, we will also advocate for the villages in Burkina Faso who do not have access to clean water. We are committed to bringing drinking water to these communities in need, but we cannot achieve our goals without your support. When you buy a book for you, your family or your friends, we take 10% of every sale and use it to improve the lives of others. We want to thank you for your support and hope you’ll join us to make a difference in the world


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